Top 28 On-Page SEO Checklist for Website

On-Page SEO Checklist for Websites

XML Sitemap (Created and Submitted to Webmaster)

Robots.txt (Created and Submitted to Webmaster)

Website Menu Navigation

Meta Title, Meta Tags, Og Title. Og Tags

Google Analytics & Search Console Verification

GLL (Google Local Listing) if needed

Broken Links (404) checking

Re-direction (If any Required)

Mobile-Friendly or Responsive Check

Social Links Working fine

Forms working fine or not

Google Speed test

Check SSL Working for Each and Every Page.

Canonical checking for all pages

Heading Tags (h1, H2, H3, etc. Well Placed)

Copy Content Checking (Very Important)

Alt Tags checking for Images

Internal Linking

404 Page and Thank Page Available or not.

NAP (Name, Address and Phone No) Checking

Favicon Checking

Breadcrumb checking and optimization if necessary

Web Blog Available or Not

Index, follow include for each page

Og Image Working or not during Social Share

Call to Action Button Placed and Working fine in Responsive

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