8 Secretes Tips - How to Grow a Facebook Page Reach

How to grow a facebook page reach

Nowadays businesses are nothing without the right amount of social media marketing. Do you have a Facebook page as well as your brand? Well, then it needs to reach the right target audience to hit the mark. However, a problem most of business owners face is that their page doesn’t get enough likes or doesn’t reach the target audience. When you think of a possible solution to this there are only two options that are given by Facebook – you can either boost the post or promote the page.

But they are not as easy as they sound. All of them require you to pay a high amount of money which might not be affordable for small companies. So SEO Thumb will solve the problem for you. Want great marketing services that help you connect you to potential customers? SEO Thumb (www.seothumb.com) is going to be your way out. Affordable rates and excellent service is what they provide to make your post reach millions of people. So let’s take a look at eight valuable tips by them that is going to help you boost your business over social media.

The 8 Tips For Increasing Post Reach Over Facebook

  • Join The Niche Related Groups: Whatever product or services that you sell need the right audience. For example, if you run a makeup brand, then it's of no use if the ads or your page only reaches men. So the first and the foremost thing to do is to join various Facebook groups which are directly related to the niche of your business. Not just that, the next thing to check is that whether the people in the group are engaged in the sharing or liking the information. Many a time you will come across groups that will have thousands of people in them, but you will find none of them is active or willing to promote your business. Now after you have joined these groups, all you need to do is to share the tops posts from your page into these groups so that more and more people get to know about it.

  • Trigger Emotions: Gone are the days when factual posts used to attract people. With the high development of Facebook’s platform you need to make interactive posts to attract the attention of people and encourage them to like and share. So make sure whatever you post triggers an emotion in the viewer. It could be happiness, sadness, shock, anger, anything that you want. But without these emotions the posts are lifeless, and no one will bat an eye when they come across it. Expect them to scroll past your post if you don’t add the quirk and emotional element.

  • Share Viral Contents: Do you think your competitor to be your enemy? Forget about it now! Competitors can be your best friends if you use their posts to market yourself. Confused regarding what this means? Well say for example there’s an engaging and interesting post from your competitor. If you share it, then people will also come to know about your page. So head to the pages of your competitors and share the viral posts on your page so that your page gets equal no. Of views. Also, make sure you take a cue from them and redesign your posts in a way to attract more audience.

  • Quality Improvement: Like already mentioned, the days of written promotional posts are long gone. So if you write boring posts, no matter how good the information is, it is not likely to create a stir among people. People nowadays have sky-high expectations from Facebook posts so to live up to it you need to create gripping videos, illustrations, infographics, etc. To make them look really visually appealing to the viewers. If you are struggling with the graphics, then SEO Thumb will help you out with that. Their highly skilled graphic designers will create masterpieces for your company which is sure to grab undivided attention.

  • Use Other Social Media Platforms: If you think only Facebook is enough for the growths of your company, then you are wrong. Various other social media sites can help the business grow by leaps and bounds. To give some examples – Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and the best part is that all of these social networking sites will help you to create a group or community of your brand. You can open the account under the same brand name, so the people will know there is one company behind all of those accounts. So make sure you transfer the traffic in bulk from the other sites to Facebook. Simple and easy, all you need to do is to create various accounts of various sites and make interesting posts. The rest will come to you automatically.

  • Post During Night As Well: Do you think that posting your content in the night will not attract enough audience because they will be asleep? You are wrong. If your post is in English or any other language that has got a global appeal then posting during the night will help you to reach the audience from various other countries around the world. Increase your horizon; you will see you had been missing out so much by not posting at night. It’s highly likely that your competitors will not post at night so this will give you a better opportunity to get customers from foreign countries as well.

  • Ask Questions From Audience: Here comes the secret ingredient towards the success of any post. The key of a viral post is not the likes or the reactions it gets, but the comments and the shares of that post. So how can you make people comment or share on your post? Well, you got it right; you need to trigger the emotion of the people to make them comment on it. So asking relevant questions is 100% going to make them comment thus making the post viral in no time. Ask relatable questions, in which people will tag their friends or answer it, every comment is really valuable for your brand.

  • Trending Topics Will Help You To Hit The Jackpot: Did you always stay away from all the trending topics? Well, they are going to be your best friend when you see how much they can attract traffic to your page. Make sure you keep on giving fresh posts now and then on trending topics. So whenever they search for these topics, your post pops up in their feeds. Even in other platforms like YouTube, there is a trending bar that shows all the posts in that trending topic. So when you create posts on these topics that are popular right now, the entire Facebook or Instagram community will be able to relate to it thus asking it more possible for your post to get shared.

So these are some of the effortless and inexpensive ways in which you can market your brand over any social networking site. To help you do this better SEO Thumb is the best option. Bare minimal charges and 100% guaranteed results by which you can take your marketing to the next level. So redesign your social networking page with the help of these great tips and make sure you make the most clients that you can, online.