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SEO Thumb Is one of the top SEO Services Company in Kolkata that has made its mark in the world of SEO amidst the cut-throat competition. We provides our services across Kolkata, covering areas such as Delhi, Kerala, Kolkata West Bengal, Mumbai Maharashtra and many more.

What sets SEO Thumb which is known for providing professional SEO services Kolkata apart from its competition, is its true passion and commitment to serve its clients with utmost honesty and diligence. We are a team of highly committed and driven individuals who 'Love' what they do, and we have a genuine interest in helping our clients grow online with the help of effective SEO strategies.

When the world is going through a transition from offline to online made, it has become a need of the hour to build a robust online presence. Today, almost 80% of online users use various search engines such as Google and Bing to search online. 67% of the traffic goes to the first few searches, which makes it crystal clear why it is essential for businesses, regardless of industry and size, to get their hands on a professional and affordable SEO services in Kolkata that could help their websites rank higher on search engines, which in turn will positively affect the revenue.

Why Do Businesses in Today's Time Require SEO?

The way businesses have been indulging in the marketing of products and services is very different from traditional methods. As a business owner, you would be using multiple search engines daily, which has become a lifestyle. Search engines such as Google have made online users' lives 10x times easier by giving them the answers to all their problems within seconds.

Did you wonder why a few web pages rank higher on the top and why the others don't? This is undoubtedly not an accident or luck, but this results from using well-researched and advanced SEO strategies. For a website to gain traffic faster and that too organically, using SEO techniques is a mandate.

Our Services that We Provide


SEO, the one and only solution that can give long-term ranking to your business by organic on SERP. Book your SEO services now!


If you want to improve your business not only in India even worldwide then international SEO will be the perfect option for you. Call!


Lots of people are finding any solutions by searching videos & enjoying. So, creating a video & spreading most important. Contact!


Local SEO Services will definitely give business if your site comes to Google’s top 3 map listing. Call now!


The power of social media is increasing day-by-day and that is why the social media presence of businesses is very important. Book your social media expert now!


Everybody knows very well that content is king and without quality content, you can’t grow your business. Contact today!

Our Service Areas

SEO Services Mumbai, SEO Services Delhi, SEO Services Noida, SEO Services Patna, SEO Services Lucknow

The SEO Methodology of Our Professional SEO Services

For SEO Thumb, the methodology used to provide the SEO services is of number #1 priority.

Starting from the inception of the clients approaching us to we executive effective SEO strategy and not forget the performance metrics are all well thought of in advance. Moreover, we keep the ever-changing algorithm of Google in mind and plan the SEO methodology accordingly.

Here are the steps which our Affordable SEO company uses to help businesses grow:

Mutual Agreement: Post both the parties (Our affordable SEO company Kolkata) and the client have mutually agreed upon the rates, timelines, processes, then our professionals start with the back end work.

Current Businesses Analysis: Our SEO team is a diehard fan of research and analysis, making the base of a successful campaign. The professionals first analyse where the company stands by looking at the company website, landing pages, content and graphics used on the website etc. We make a detailed report before giving our strategies.

Competitor Analysis: In the online world today, there is cut-throat competition with new entrants coming into the segment each day. Any SEO campaign is incomplete without doing a proper competitor analysis. We must know what our competitors are up to, which technique has helped them, and where have they gone wrong. There is no harm in learning from others mistakes.

Custom SEO Strategies: Through our affordable SEO services and post gathering all the insights our professionals do a thorough research and prepare custom SEO strategies which cater to the niche demands of our clients.

Performance Metrics: Making strategies and executing them is only 50% of the task. The rest 50% involves doing a proper performance metrics check. We provide a monthly detailed report to our clients so analyse whether our SEO strategies have been helping our clients or not and accordingly plan the future course of action.

Our Plan

The plan of the company is to use high-end technology and latest tools to use it for the growth of our clients businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to derive digital excellence which will help our customers grow exponentially.

Our Vision

We vision ourselves as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the country, by being the trusted digital partners of a huge chunk of businesses.

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Why Choose SEO Thumb – The Provider of low cost SEO services in Kolkata

Although many reasons make SEO Thumb one of Kolkata's best SEO services, the primary reason is that we are very involved with our clients.

Since the inception, we have made this a practice of focusing on the minutest of details of our clients.

Qualified Professionals: We have a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals in the industry for years and have helped multiple businesses increase their revenue because of their SEO strategies.

Excellent Success Rate: What speaks volume for a company is its record, and SEO Thumb has, fortunately, had a tremendous success rate. 99% of our clients have seen rapid growth in their businesses, especially on the online front.

Proven SEO Processes: Our SEO processes are tried and tested. Also, we make sure to provide SEO processes that require fewer steps, easy to execute and manage, and eventually simple to track done. We believe in delivering effective yet simple techniques. Over the years, our SEO processes have helped plenty of businesses to garnish great results.

Tailor-Made SEO strategies: Every business is unique and has diverse needs and wants. We make sure to understand our clients' goals and then come up with a custom-made strategy that fits their needs.

Budget-Friendly Pricing: Especially the start-ups that require SEO services, the most generally think twice before using the SEO strategy. However, SEO Thumb is known for providing budget-friendly and competitive prices for its SEO Services.

What Clients Say About Us :)

Ricky Roy

Ricky Roy


Taking SEO services for my website from 2 months and till now I got more calls than my expected. Thanks.

Janny Chatterjee

Janny Chatterjee


Thank you very much to get my website on Google map listing. Highly recommend it to my friend's circles.

Kriti Kapor

Kriti Kapor

Business Man

Everything is perfect and gets keywords ranking on time at my budget cost. Thanks a lot.

Melisa Seth

Melisa Seth

Marketing Director

I got SEO services with free social media services at the same price. Thank you so much.